FSLV Mission Statement

The Friends of Scenic Lodi Valley is a diverse group of caring residents offering their experience, skills and time to the community, in the interest of preserving and promoting the special quality of life in the valley. Land use, geographical features, environmental quality, and historical heritage are factors which define our way of life and our identity in the Lodi Valley. The Friends are committed to addressing special concerns that may erode that way of life. We welcome all who share desires to further this vision.

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2016  We are a diverse group of people offering their experience, talent, skills, and time to their community in the interest of preserving and promoting the special qualities of life in the valley.

Land use, geographical features, environmental quality and historical heritage define our way of life and our identity in the Lodi valley.

The Friends are committed to addressing special concerns that may erode that way of life.

We welcome all who share a desire to further this vision.



Greetings Friends,


After celebrating our 20th anniversary last year, the Friends of Scenic Lodi Valley once again got down to work…partnering with our community; monitoring the waters of Spring Creek, sponsoring the Lodi Valley Farmers Market, continuing the legacy of Aldo Leopold, providing a community garden, and on and on! We looked into our past and saw the achievements we had accomplished, then added to them. It has been a landmark year!


The support you continue to provide, both through paying your financial dues and by paying with your efforts and energy, continues to pay dividends in our community.


It is through the support and contributions of time and money that you have made that have made it possible to address the environmental and quality of life issues throughout the years.


Please complete the membership form included with this newsletter and return it with your generous contribution so that this history of good works and commitment will go on. We look forward to working with you in 2017.


For the Steering Committee,





Bill Welch



Allison Seaton, Ron Grasshoff, Beverly Nilles, Patti Herman,

Jody Thistle, Courtney Olson, Ron Martin


Lodi Valley Farmers’ Market is so much more than the farmers, crafters, and shoppers who come Friday afternoons  from 2 pm – to 6 pm  May through October.  The market is a reflection of the Lodi community’s long term commitment to local agriculture and value of top quality local shopping.

Big agriculture often times seems to overtake little agriculture – except at the Lodi market where the small producers have a chance to show the quality of their products.  2016 brought Tower Rock Bakery to the market.  Alma Gasser grows her organic wheat on the Sauk prairie, just across the river from Lodi, and turns it into tasty breads, cookies and muffins.   A new beef vendor brought grass fed roasts, steak, hamburger and even dog bones for Lodi’s discriminating shoppers.  People returned each week to buy jams, jellies, canned beets and pickles.  The fresh picked produce brought people back week after week throughout the season – starting with asparagus and ending with fall’s squash and pumpkins.  Lodi market brings together the dedicated growers and shoppers who know really good product when they see it and when they taste it.

The Lodi Agricultural Fair is famous as an important weekend each summer, bringing a spot light to the role of agriculture in the community.  The Lodi Valley Farmer’s market reminds every one of that same spot light on Friday afternoons – spring, summer and fall.



The Rain Garden Park was designed and built as a partnership with the Lodi Park Commission, the Wisconsin DOT and the Wisconsin DNR in 2002 as part of the reconstruction of Hwy.113. It was one of the first large-scale rain gardens built through this type of partnership. Today, not only is the rain garden reducing and cooling the stormwater entering Spring Creek (as reflected in data collected by the United States Geological Survey), but Lodi also has a beautiful prairie garden that attracts countless wild birds and insects.


The Rain Garden Park Team continues to work with the Lodi Parks Commission to maintain the garden so that it continues to contribute to the health of Spring Creek. Members of the Team worked with volunteers from the Lodi High School during the annual Service Day to do maintenance in the park. In 2016 we anticipate a burn of the park as well as replacing a sign that is starting to deteriorate. The Team will continue to look for opportunities to involve the general public in the maintenance of this community asset.



The Watershed Team was active in sampling during the 2016 open water season. Sampling was conducted monthly from May through October at two sites. The first site was on the South Branch of Spring Creek off Riddle Road about 100 yards above the confluence of Spring Creek and the South Branch. The second site was on Spring Creek about half the distance between Lodi’s wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) and the confluence of Spring Creek with Lake Wisconsin.


At the Steering Committee’s November meeting the following issue and resolution was discussed. The resolution was passed unanimously by the Steering Committee.


Enbridge Energy Line 61 in Wisconsin

While the country has been focused on Keystone XL, Enbridge Energy was quietly upgrading four pumps, adding nine pumps, and increasing the pressure and volume to Line 61 in Wisconsin. The proposed daily volume is almost 50% greater than the cancelled Keystone XL pipeline. Line 61 extends from Duluth/Superior diagonally through Wisconsin, exiting into Illinois near Delavan.

In Columbia County, WI, Line 61 enters near Portage and exits near Columbus. With upgrades in place, the 42” Line 61 pipe, at capacity, will increase from pumping 560,000 barrels of oil daily to 1.2 million barrels daily through Columbia County. Line 61 crosses under most major rivers in Wisconsin, notably the St. Croix, Flambeau, Wisconsin, and Rock rivers. Enbridge environmental violations have occurred in 14 Wisconsin counties with significant spills in Clark, Rusk, and Adams counties.

Tar sand oil is dense and abrasive, and requires toxic chemicals to dilute it, sinks in water, and remains on the floor of riverbeds. Line 61 oil is pumped from Canadian oil fields to refineries in Illinois, the Gulf Coast, and to overseas markets. Enbridge is in the planning stages to increase Line 61’s 80’ width to 280’ through “acquisition”.

Resolution for Enbridge Line 61 Environmental Impact Statement

WHEREAS, Enbridge Energy has upgraded Line 61 to pump 1.2 million barrels of oil at high pressure through Columbia County, Portage to Columbus.

WHEREAS, Line 61 crosses under the Wisconsin river, along with other major Wisconsin rivers, presenting a potential toxic hazard to a major US water source, fish and wildlife, tourism, and recreation.

WHEREAS, a pipeline spill would require response from the DNR, EPA, DOT, lawyers, insurance companies, and could cause Columbia County government and taxpayers significant financial hardship.

WHEREAS, the Columbia County public has little or no knowledge of Line 61, its potential for an environmental disaster, cost of spill cleanup, threat to health and safety to Columbia County residents and businesses.

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, Friends of Scenic Lodi Valley request that the DNR, DOT, EPA, Wisconsin Public Service Commission, and Columbia County Board of Supervisors undertake a full environmental impact statement, engineering study, and local public hearings to inform the Columbia County public of all the health and financial aspects concerning Enbridge Energy Line 61 in Columbia County.



                                                                                                            2016                                        2015


Beginning Checkbook Balance, December 2014                   $2673.00                                 $501.86


Dues:                                       $2880.00                                $2805.00


Closing Checkbook Balance, December 2015                      $1233.00                                 $1233.00


Steering Committee (Budget $1400)

Expenses:                                $   634.35

Closing Balance:                     $    765.65

Lake Wisconsin Watershed (Budget $300)

Expenses                                  $    55.36

Closing Balance:                    $   244.64

Lodi Farmers’ Market (Budget $500)

Expenses:                                $ 1000.00

Closing Balance:                     $ <500.00>

Gibraltar Rock (Budget $300)

Balance from 2014:                 $  751.24

Expenses:                                $    00.00

Closing Balance:                    $ 1051.24

Lodi Reads Leopold

Balance from 2014:                 $  386.34

Expenses:                                $   289.06

Closing Balance:                     $    97.28

Rain Garden (Budget $300)

Expenses:                                $   000.00

Closing Balance:                     $  300.00

Community Garden

Balance from 2014                  $ 1936.71

Income:                                               $  330.00

Expenses:                                $  160.57

Closing Balance:                     $ 2106.14

West Point Open Space (Budget $300)

Balance from 2014                  $ 5104.56

Expenses:                                $10065.00

Income                                                $ 5465.00

Closing Balance:                     $ 1002.44


Money Market, Balance December 2015                               $7424.33                                $10418.65

Committed Balances:


Lodi Reads Leopold                $    97.28

Gibraltar Rock                          $  751.24

West Point                               $   702.44

Community Garden                 $ 2106.14

Total                                        $ 3657.10                               $ 8376.73


Total Resources All Accounts                                                            $8108.41                                $8416.55

For more information contact Jody Thistle at 592-5427 or jlthistle@frontier.com


2017 Friends of Scenic Lodi Valley Membership Form


Return this Membership Form with your payment to: FSLV, P.O. Box 208, Lodi, WI 53555


Names(s) ____________________________________________________________________


Address _____________________________________________________________________




Phone _______________________ Email __________________________________________



Please check the annual membership desired:


[ ]     Youth (under 18 yrs) $15         [ ]     Individual $30


[ ]     Family $40                               [ ]     Sponsor $100


[ ]     Patron $500                             [ ]     Business $100 – $250


Total enclosed __________



Circle which team(s) you are interested in:



Spring Creek Watershed                                                     Lodi Reads Leopold


Farmers’ Market                                                                    Gibraltar Rock


Spring Creek Water Trail                                                     Community Garden


West Point Outdoor Space & Natural Area                       Rain Garden


New team (please list) _________________




Membership contributions to the Friends of Scenic Lodi Valley are tax deductible to the

full extent of the Internal Revenue Code 501(c)3









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